privacy Policy

Dear site visitor, you are subject to your access to this site to collect and use information in accordance with our privacy policy, because your visit to this site includes your acceptance of the terms included in this document, and with the continuous technical and technological development, some changes may occur to the privacy policy in a way, but any future changes will not It affects the data collected, and we inform you that we will inform you directly through the notification service via the hospital website, if our privacy policy changes, and this will not affect your data registered with us.

User data privacy and security

We surround Dot Care with all electronic safeguards in order to protect your data from hacking and electronic extortion, or access to third party information in illegal ways, and we will request some data such as your name, email address, postal address, phone number to verify your identity when using this site, and make sure That this data will be used in accordance with these policies, which is necessary to authenticate users, to verify the correctness of the user's actions, and to communicate with him, and therefore we will not trade, disclose, exchange, send, transfer or share any personal information from or to any other party that is not specifically authorized by You accept to receive this information unless it is required by law or if you request services that require the disclosure of this data, except for what we present here in this privacy policy.

health information

The website provides health information for informational purposes only as a general service to enhance customer service to our customers and to promote consumer health. It does not constitute medical advice and is not intended to be a substitute for appropriate medical care provided by a qualified healthcare professional. The hospital does not bear any responsibility for any circumstances arising from the misuse, interpretation or application of any information provided on this site, always consult with health care physicians to find out the appropriate examinations, the use of this site does not replace medical advice, you need a qualified health or medical professional to meet Your health and medical needs.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

Patient reports obtained from the hospital website are not final reports and are not considered official and are not entitled to be claimed for any purpose. If you need a copy of the final or official reports, you can request it personally from the Medical Records Department, and you can view the results of the services provided through the website without any warranties or conditions regarding the availability, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the contents or information and uninterrupted server connection.

google Analytics

Nowadays we use Google Analytics to understand audience needs and how we can design the contents of the website to serve those needs.